Pre-Ballet is an introductory dance class through play and children’s rounds. The girls will learn the fundamentals of dance and the language of ballet, which is in French. They will learn basic hand and foot positions, movements, coordination, elasticity, choreography, and above all they will fall in love with dance.

Dance Junior

In Dance Junior, the girls will work on the dance technique, choreographies of jazz, contemporary dance, and the musicals they like the most. We work with rock, pop, and classical music. We work on creativity, improvisation, and composition, always accompanied by enthusiasm, joy, self-confidence, and personal growth.


Contemporary Dance

 The class for youths and adults is a contemporary dance class where they will learn the basic techniques of dance and the languages of expression, creation, and improvisation. We will also work on the Graham, Limón, Balanchine techniques and permanently create choreographies. It is a space for meeting with oneself, relaxation, improvement of posture, improvement of physical conditions, and the projection of beauty.

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