Ciudad Danza- Dance Studio, residence Silly Monkeys Playhouse in Coconut Grove. 

Directed by Galia Bermúdez, one of the most recognized Dance Administrators, instructors, producers, and directors in her country of origin: Colombia.

Now in Miami, with 20 years of experience in Colombia and the United State, she founded CIUDAD DANZA. It is a different art project because it respects the nature of childhood and makes the classroom a creative, technical, and joyful space.

CIUDAD DANZA wants to be a space open to the children, youth, and adults of the Coconut Grove, offering a new experience with ballet technique, Contemporary Dance, Jazz, and modern choreographies. The performance will be beautiful and professional productions.

How am I different?

Happy Pedagogy

We learn by playing, creating, and participating.

Technique and variety

We work on Russian ballet techniques always with different elements.

Creativity and performances

The technique is oriented to the creation and realization of performances.

Know my story

Dancer, philosopher, and Musician. I have worked in many dance schools, cultural projects, and performance production, from more than 25 years ago.
I’m a researcher in new educational strategies and contemporary pedagogics methods focused on Dance, art, and performing.
My principal goal is the development of the different skills in the children and youth, who are the principal protagonist of their learning.
I wish my students will be grander dancers, performers, with excellent technique, creation, and performing.
I Have been a Dance instructor, General Director, General producer, creating different dance performances. Teacher in schools, high schools, universities, and dance studios.

Instructor, general administration of cultural and art centers, business art, accounting, and administration.


I have been a teacher since I was 15 years old, being the art teacher of my classmates at school. Once I graduated from high school, I began my teaching career as a professor at the Universidad Santiago de Cali, at only 17 years old.
I taught at several schools, kindergartens and universities, such as Universidad del Valle, Universidad Santiago de Cali and Universidad Católica. I have explored all areas of teaching, from children, youth, seniors, and adults. I am in love with education.
I have had more than 1000 students in my teaching career, and I have trained more than 300 teachers in the area of art education for the public sector.

Dance Teacher

As a producer, I have produced more than 40 shows of a small, medium, and large format, managing to fill theaters. 

I have produced the most important Ballets of the Universal Classical Repertory in the world, such as Swan Lake, Cinderella, Coppelia, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, and Nutcracker.

I Founded the first company of Contemporary Ballet in Cali City, performing histories about our Latinoamerican Literary. 

After that, I helped to create several Dance Studios in Colombia and The United States.

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